Step One

On receiving the signed fee proposal, service agreement and application form, our accounts department will provide you with an invoice.

The application form will include a general checklist of the items required to undertake a full assessment and issue a Complying Development Certificate.   As each council area and development differs from one another, this list is a general compilation of the most common items required.  At this point in time you will need to gather the items from the checklist and send into our office.   

**Please note that if an assessment has commenced on the documents submitted to our office and it is revealed (after an extensive check)  the site does not fit the particular requirements to be processed as a Complying Development (the position of the building, the site restrictions, the size of the building, the local area restrictions etc all play a major role in determining if the project can be passed as a CDC), the $660 part of the fee is non-refundable. It takes our certifiers several hours of time to investigate if your site will pass.

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