Complying Certificate Checklist

  • Four hard copies of proposed plans showing:
    1. Basix commitments
    2. Local Water Authority Stamp
  • One copy 149(5)Planning Certificate and Lands Titles search certificate
  • Three copies of Basix certificate (habitable dwellings/swimming pool)
  • Payment of Urban Approvals Pty Ltd invoice
  • Signed Urban Approvals Pty Ltd Service Agreement
  • Signed Urban Approvals Pty Ltd Application Form/s
  • Four copies of Structural Engineers Plans
  • Two copies of Structural Engineer Certificates (if applicable)
  • Four copies of specifications
  • Four hard copies of Stormwater Plans
  • Home Building Compensation Fund Certificate or an Owner Builder Permit (residential)
  • Long Service Levy payment receipt (work exceeding $25,000)
  • TWO additional copies of Basix certificate
  • Receipt for any Section 94 contributions (multi-unit sites)
  • Receipt for any Section 94A contributions (residential over $100,000)
  • Payment of remaining fees Urban Approvals Pty Ltd invoice
  • Signed Urban Approvals Pty Ltd application form/s
  • Receipt of payment of damage bond (for work over $25,000 for CDC)
  • Footpath Crossing Permit/Roads Act Approval (if new driveway)

Please note it is likely there will be other items required once assessment has commenced. As each type of building work and each local government area has different requirements, this is a core checklist of items. You will be contacted in writing after the assessment if any further items particular to your development are required prior to the issuance of your Complying Development certificate.