Occupation Certificate Checklist

Standard information will be required prior to the issuance of an occupation certificate the following lists regulatory requirements:

Provide the following certificates:

  • Engineer for all structural elements (where applicable);
  • Wet area waterproofing (from installer);
  • Smoke detectors (from electrician);
  • Termite protection (and affix sticker to meter box);
  • Glazing certificate from manufacturer;
  • Insulation (from installer);
  • Survey certificate (from registered surveyor);
  • Provide written confirmation and / or evidence indicating that all work has been completed in accordance with the BASIX commitments (i.e. the second column of the Basix certificate);
  • Provide written confirmation that all work has been completed in accordance with the provisions of the Building Code of Australia; and
  • Complete and return the occupation certificate application form (note that the applicant cannot be the principal contractor as per clause 149 of the EP&A Reg 2000).

Please be advised that depending on your particular project further information may be requested in accordance with relevant conditions of the associated consent such as:

  1. Landscape completion certificates;
  2. Section 73 certificates;
  3. Geotechnical reports;
  4. Asbestos clearance certificates;
  5. Hydraulic engineers certificates;
  6. Works as executed drawings;

NB: An occupation certificate (inclusive of Interim) can only be issued when the preconditions to development consent for occupation have been satisfied.

It is recommended to collect these items and forward to our office prior to booking the final inspection.